Homegrown celebrated on Vice

The hard work and tireless activism of Lee Harris and Homegrown was recently celebrated in a recent article on Vice.com looking at how cannabis campaigning has morphed from real world boots on the streets type stuff to clicks in an echo chamber.

It was part of a feature on the excellent work of our friends at Youth Club Archive are doing, saving and preserving an archive of art, photographs of youth culture throughout the ages. In this increasingly digitised world they are the guardians some real gems. I was lucky enough to visit the team there and got to have a peak at just some of their vast library.

We are excited to announce that Youth Club are finalising plans for a pop-up Homegrown exhibition which we’re stoked about so watch this space. They are also in the final stage of their kickstarter campaign to raise funds to find a permanent home for their archive. Please support them by donating your hard earned or sharing the link.